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fremont athletics

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Game Summary

4.0 years ago @ 8:56PM

Girls Varsity Cross Country at MHSAA Regional

Game Date
Oct 26, 2019
: 149.00

2019 Regionals – Benzie Central

Cool, light breeze, good footing on course.


Lots of PRs today

The girls started things off with a solid run placing 6th, with 149 points.  Taylor Mater (So) got out at the tail end of the lead pack, while Leah Converse (Jr) was out in the top 1/3rd.  The rest of the girls were in the middle of the field.  As the race progressed Taylor slowly picked through the leaders moving up into 4th.  Leah was fighting hard to hold her position after going out a little to fast, while Erin Norton (Jr), Morgan Best (Fr), Taava Johnson (So), Lauren Boerger (Sr), and Annika Tuls (Sr) were moving up.  At about the half way point of the race Annika flipped a switch and really started moving aggressively.  She probably moved from about 60th to 33rd by the end of the race.  We ran solid over the 3rd mile with Taylor closing on 3rd but not quite getting there and the rest of the girls grouping up in the 30s and 40s.

4th Taylor Mater PR – All-Region, State Qualifier Indv.

33rd Annika Tuls PR

35th Leah Converse SR

37th Erin Norton PR

40th Morgon Best PR

47th Taava Johnson

49th Lauren Boerger PR


The boys continued to look strong winning the meet with 18 points and qualifying for the State Finals as a team..  Our top 5 separated quickly with Petoskey’s #1 runner in the mix.  Nathan Walker (Jr) spent the meet chasing the lead cart to a winning time of 14:52.8, missing Dathan Ritzenhien’s course record by about 3 seconds.  Conor Somers (So) ran solo in 2nd for most of the race.  Josh Zerfas (Jr), Ben Paige (Jr) and Adam Ward (Jr) ran pretty close together chasing Petoskey in 4th, 5th, and 6th.  They raced well over the last 1000 with Ben almost catching Petoskey to place 4th, and Adam and Josh battling over the last 200 to place 5th and 6th.  Mikko Vesma (Sr) had his fastest start of the season and was in 15th at the mile.  He worked his way up to 11th at the 2 mile and had a great finish to place 7th.  Colton Best (Jr) had a little more conservative start, but moved up steadily through the first 2 miles, then ran a great 3rd mile to place 11th.

 1st Nathan Walker PR – All-Region

2nd Conor Somers PR – All-Region

4th Ben Paige PR – All-Region

5th Adam Ward PR – All-Region

6th Josh Zerfas PR – All-Region

7th Mikko Vesma PR – All-Region

11th Colton Best SR – All-Region


Varsity Results -


PROM Results, We were PROM 2 -



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